Due to the evolution of the online shopping experience (and because of the Covid pandemic) online shopping has increased immensely not only in the UK but worldwide. More and more people are turning to the internet to find their desired products rather than going to the high street to do their shopping. In turn, this has seen a huge rise of online e-commerce websites such as Amazon and a huge decline in high street stores - with many well established ones now shut down or in liquidation.

This rise in online purchasing means businesses have had to adapt to delivering items both quickly and reliably, whilst maintaining a good brand image and making a profit. The moment a customer makes that online purchase, it acts as a trust exercise between the business and the customer, which has an impact upon the business and its reputation.

Whilst more and more businesses are making more online sales, this does unfortunately mean that online returns has increased massively too. Why? Well a very common cause for a return is due to damaged goods or goods arriving late - affecting the business to customer relationship. When this happens, it leaves a lasting impression on the customer and the odds of them returning is very unlikely. So how can you address this problem?

The Answer Lies At Despatch

All e-commerce companies should be investing into the delivery process at despatch as this part of the process lays the groundwork for a successful operation and brand image. Focusing on order fulfilment means effort will be put in into making sure goods are securely packaging and protecting - reducing the possibility of damaged goods.

Many e-commerce companies overlook this part of the process. However, based on our many years of experience, by putting in effort at this stage of the order process, you can give your business a competitive edge. How? Because you can ensure maximum protection of goods, you can ensure items are highly unlikely to be damaged and you can help reduce & possibly eliminate the risk of sending out replacements.

With social media also being a key part of modern day life, brand image is vital and one damaged box or product can impact your business in many ways.

Packaging Supplies That Can help

For e-commerce businesses, reducing the number of damaged products has a massively positive impact for brand reliability and is important for profitability as it reduces unnecessary costs. So what should you invest in?

Air packaging is one item that can help. By putting in your more delicate items such as electronics, bottles & ceramics you can protect your goods against shock during shipping. The air cushions will securely fit around your items and protect it at all times. Double wall cardboard boxes for your larger items or single wall cardboard boxes for your smaller items are both very protectable packaging goods. Not only can they be assembled quickly but they offer a more professional packaging solution whilst ensuring protection from outside shock. Packaging tape & packaging labels can also be used to clearly indicate to the courier handler that the items within are fragile or need to be handled with care. By using these types of packaging solutions you can again limit the chances that the packaging will be damaged.

Which ever packaging solution you decide to use, there is no right or wrong answer as different solutions work for different businesses and requirements. However, by implementing a good packaging process at despatch, you can help ensure products are not damaged during transit and help reduce costs for the business.

How Can Parcelsend Help

Here at Parcelsend UK, we can supply UK businesses with a wide range of packaging supplies for parcels and other items which will help reduce the risk of your goods being damaged. We have trained staff on hand ready to help assist you should you need help with selecting the correct items to help meet your specific packaging requirements. Feel free to email us on info@parcelsend.uk, call us on 01543 572 776 or start a quick chat and we will be more than happy to help.

If you would like to see even more of our great packaging products that we can easily and quickly supply your business, you can view our entire range of packaging supplies here.