Paper Carrier Bags & Sacks Now Available From Parcelsend UK

Parcelsend UK can now bring you a brand new range of fantastic packaging supply products - paper carrier bags and paper carrier sacks! Our new range of low cost paper carrier bags are now available on our website and all of our new products are a more environmentally friendly packaging solution for different types of businesses.

Paper Carrier Bags & Paper Carrier Sacks

What paper carrier bags can you supply?

We can now offer you various paper carrier sacks & bags, and this range includes: paper mailing bags & sacks, twist handle paper carrier bags and tape handle paper carrier bags. You can view our great range of Paper Carrier Bags & Sacks here. Our current range is only small, but we plan to soon introduce even more options for you to choose from so keep your eyes peeled.

What are paper mailing bags?

Paper mailings bags are a more environmentally friendly solution to using standard polythene mailing bags. Paper mailing bags can be easily recycled & reused and perform just as good a job as any other mailing bag solution on the market. These are suitable for any business who sends out items in the post. You can view our great range of Paper Mailing Bags & Sacks here.

What are twist handle and tape handle carrier bags?

Twist handle and tape handle paper bags are different to paper mailing bags. Where paper mailing bags are ideal when sending items in the post, twist handle paper bags and tape handle paper bags are more suited for the high street, shop outlets and takeaway restaurants. Tape and twist handle bags are also environmentally friendly and a great packaging solution when needing to transport products to consumers. You can view our great range of twist handle paper bags here and tape handle paper bags here.

How Can Parcelsend Help

Here at Parcelsend UK, we can supply UK businesses with a wide range of packaging supplies ranging from cardboard box packaging to paper carrier bags. We have trained staff on hand ready to help assist you should you need help with selecting the correct items to help meet your specific packaging requirements. Feel free to email us on, call us on 01543 572 776 or start a quick chat and we will be more than happy to help.

If you would like to see even more of our great packaging products that we can easily and quickly supply your business, you can view our entire range of packaging supplies here.