Parcelsend UK can now bring you a new range of fantastic packaging supply products - Small Parcel postal boxes! Our great range of low cost small parcel postal boxes are now all available on our website and all of our products are specifically designed to ensure that you meet the Royal Mail Small Parcel PiP size.

Royal Mail Small Parcel Postal Boxes

What Royal Mail Small Parcel boxes can you supply?

We can offer you various small parcel postal boxes, and this range includes: capacity book mailers, book wrap mailers, twist wrap mailers, standard brown cardboard boxes, white cardboard boxes and postal tubes. You can view our great range of Royal Mail Small Parcel Postal Boxes here.

What is the size of a Royal Mail small parcel postal box?

As specified by the Royal Mail, the maximum dimensions you can have for a small parcel parcel box is 45cm x 35cm x 16cm (450mm x 350mm x 160mm) with the maximum weight being 2 Kg. A Royal Mail small parcel postage box, also referred to as a small parcel box, are designed for sending your smaller items such as ceramics, books, posters and magazines. The size of the packaging that you will require all depends on what your business is planning to package.

How Can Parcelsend Help

Here at Parcelsend UK, we can supply UK businesses with a wide range of packaging supplies ranging from air cushion packaging to wrap mailers to cardboard boxes. We have trained staff on hand ready to help assist you should you need help with selecting the correct items to help meet your specific packaging requirements. Feel free to email us on, call us on 01543 572 776 or start a quick chat and we will be more than happy to help.

If you would like to see even more of our great packaging products that we can easily and quickly supply your business, you can view our entire range of packaging supplies here.