When sending your goods in the post, it is vital that you package your items correctly using the correct and most secure box for the job. Depending on what you are sending, you may require a specific sized single wall box or double wall box - but what exactly is the difference? Find out more below.

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Single wall cardboard boxes are typically manufactured out of corrugated cardboard and single wall boxes are constructed using one layer of corrugated cardboard flute. This is designed by using three layers of paper that are glued together into one single, sturdy sheet. This offers the items inside the cardboard box protection during transit.

Double wall cardboard boxes however are typically manufactured out of corrugated cardboard and double wall boxes are constructed using two layers of strong corrugated cardboard flutes, with a linerboard facing between them. This offers the items inside the cardboard box more protection during transit as the cardboard is stronger.

Should I use a single wall or double wall cardboard box?

The answer to this is both, as both types of cardboard box are manufactured of high quality and perform the job they are intended for. However, the type of box you use will vary package to package based on the content of the package.

Typically, single wall cardboard boxes are commonly used for packaging more lightweight items and will offer items such as trainers, clothing, books and toys perfect protection through the UK postal system. However, they are not ideal for heavy duty items. This is where you should opt for using a double wall cardboard box as these are twice as strong, last much longer as they can take more shock and therefore offer more protection.

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How Can Parcelsend Help

Here at Parcelsend UK, we can supply UK businesses with a wide range of both single walled and double walled cardboard boxes as well as a wide range of other great packaging supplies. We have trained staff on hand ready to help assist you should you need help with selecting the correct items to help meet your specific packaging requirements. Feel free to email us on info@parcelsend.uk, call us on 01543 572 776 or start a quick chat and we will be more than happy to help.

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